Monday, October 30, 2017

Outdoor Perimeter Protection - It's The System Quality That Counts

In our ongoing series of the A-Z of Perimeter Security, we recently looked at the letter 'N'. We explained how we had helped to provide effective perimeter systems for clients in the Netherlands and the National Trust in the UK. These were clients with outdoor sites ... which brings us conveniently to the letter 'O', our next chapter in the A-Z series.

Outdoor Perimeter Protection

The majority of sites for which we provide perimeter security are outdoors. The exceptions to this are interiors of buildings such as warehouses and museums where our Flexiguard™ perimeter detection has proved highly effective.

Outdoor security sites typically fall into 4 main sections:

Industrial - eg. water utilities and electrical substations
Commercial - eg. manufacturing facilities and car park perimeters
Public Sector - eg. Government buildings and military base security
Civil and Tourism - eg. zoos and wildlife parks

Oil Refinery Sites

oil refinery site perimeter protection
Outdoor sites such as oil refineries are amongst the most important in a country's infrastructure and only the highest quality of security system can be considered for their protection. Our systems carry full British Government approval for this type of site - generally known in the UK as EKP sites (Economic Key Points).

The Chevron company in Hawaii selected our products for the protection of one of their oil refineries in Hawaii. 

Oil refinery sites are usually very large and in requiring a high level of protection, we usually see the perimeter fence being installed at an above standard height and often with a double line of fencing. The fences are usually one inside the other and we have three products that work superbly in combination in this scenario. The first is our Electro-Fence™ system installed on the inner fence, the second is our Flexiguard™ system on the outside fence and the third is our Microguard™ microwave sensors working in the sterile area in between the two fences.

Our Quality Policy

Our customers need to have confidence in the security systems that we offer and we are committed to working to the highest standards of design and manufacturing. Our company conforms to BS EN ISO9001 Quality Assurance Standards and our Quality Control policy is strict, ensuring that all components in our products are of the highest quality; any and all suppliers must also have a similar quality policy.

This commitment to quality is at the heart of everything we do and is, we believe, one of the reasons why so many national and international companies choose to install our perimeter security systems.

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Saturday, September 30, 2017

On The Perimeter Of The Pangolin - With Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan is known the world over for his amazing action movies and his charitable work. Anything he does attracts global attention and, knowing this, he readily gives his name to what he believes is a good cause.

According to this BBC news article Jackie has decided to join the fight to save an endangered animal - the Pangolin. He's even made a video teaching Pangolins to do Kung Fu to protect themselves!

Many people will have never heard of the Pangolin but in fact it is one of the most trafficked mammals in the world. In the last 10 years more than a million Pangolins have been poached from the wild. 

The Pangolin is native to the Far East and is hunted for its value as a meat product as well as for medicinal purposes (its scales are usually in traditional Chinese medicine). Being hunted to the point of threatened extinction, however, has attracted widespread discussion and attention.

In Malaysia, Pangolin hunting is a particularly big problem in Sabah on the northern part of Borneo. Last month authorities discovered a consignment of 8T of Pangolin scales being prepared for export from a Sabah port. So the Sabah government is now proposing to ban Pangolin hunting and make it a "totally protected" species. Once in force, the ban will mean that anyone convicted on hunting the Pangolin will face a mandatory prison sentence of up to five years.

Our Technical Director Andy Moon was recently in Malaysia on a site inspection where our electric fence security has been installed to protect the perimeter of a newly constructed, gated community. Whilst there he took some well-earned time out to visit areas where many unusual and exotic species of animal and bird still thrive. Such as this monitor lizard ....

and this cute little monkey ....

We did of course ask Andy on his return if he had seen any Pangolins but no luck. Perhaps next time, with the new hunting bans in place the chances of doing so might have improved. Let's hope so :)