Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Perimeter News From Around The World

Perimeter is probably the most used word in our everyday vocabulary. Whether dealing with enquiries and orders or liaising with our installers, it's rare to find the word perimeter missing from a conversation.

We wondered, therefore, how common a word 'perimeter' really is so we did a Google search in their News section. We were amazed at the variety of contexts in which the word is used. To demonstrate the point, here are three examples of very different news stories published just in the month of March 2017:

Neptun Deep Perimeter

Amongst the many applications for our security systems, a notable one is the supply of perimeter security for gas receiving stations. So this story immediately caught our eye. Signficant gas deposits have been discovered in what is called the Neptun Deep Perimeter - an area on the continental shelf of the Black Sea.

Black Sea

OMV Petrom and ExxonMobil are currently assessing the commercial potential of the gas field; their estimate so far of the gas deposits is no less than 100 billion m3! Given that the world's reserves of gas are becoming ever increasingly important, the press is not surprisingly picking up every word said about it.

Perimeter Buckets

This month saw an upturn in the fortunes of the Charlotte Hornets basketball team with a News report on their improvement in perimeter shots. If you're not familiar with the sport, a perimeter shot is firing the ball at the basket from or beyond a delineated perimeter line. If successful, a perimeter bucket as it's called gets the team 3 points (1 point more than for a shot inside the perimeter line). So when a team notches up a good number of perimeter buckets in a game, everyone is happy - and it even gets written about in the local press!

Perimeter Institute 

The Perimeter Institute is a world-leading centre for scientific research into foundational theoretical physics. Its mission is simple yet incredibly complex at the same time - to increase human understanding of the principles of the universe.The Institute holds a regular and very popular series of lectures, attracting attention from the scientific community around the world. In this month's lecture, an astrophysicist from NASA, Amber Straughn, spoke about the successor to the Hubble Space Telescope which is due for launch next year.

Here is the Perimeter Institute's own video which explains the principles of its work.

So there you have it. From researching the secrets of the universe to a local basketball game,  the word perimeter has an appeal for everyone :)


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Museum Security, Microwaves & Manufacturing

Today's post signifies the halfway mark in our A-Z of perimeter security as we look at the letter M.

This is quite an easy one to cover because there are many terms related to perimeter detection and electric security fencing that begin with 'M' - from products to types of site that need our perimeter security systems. 

Perimeter Security Products

As a manufacturer of our own systems we have always conducted our own branding. Names of the products we develop are usually borne out of a lengthy and involved Research and Development process. So no name is attributed lightly!


This is our microwave sensor detection system which works by generating a microwave beam to create a protection zone. If the receiver detects a difference within the zone, the system performs an instant analysis and will trigger an alarm if pre-set criteria are met. It is an ideal secondary line of defence behind an outer perimeter which is protected by an initial, separate system such as Electro-Fence™ or Flexiguard™.

Multisys™ and Multiview™ 

These two products are our modular PC based security system and our remote monitoring and control system.

Multisys™  can be configured to work with our Electro-Fence™ product (as it was for the Hyderabad Airport perimeter security installation) and also our  Flexiguard™ product.

With regard to Multiview™ we have a case study which explains how we came to develop the product.

Types Of Site

There is at least one notable 'M' from within each of the 4 sectors of trade/industry for whom we provide perimeter security solutions.

Industrial - Manufacturing

Our security systems have been installed to protect manufacturing sites as diverse as soft drinks manufacturers to Toyota.

Commercial - Mobile phone masts

To protect against copper cable theft and vandalism

Public Sector - Military bases

Our Electro-Fence™ technology which carries British Government approvals currently protects many military bases in the UK and overseas.

Civil and Tourism - Museums

At the opposite end of the scale to military security, our systems can even protect valuable works of art. This is where Flexiguard™ comes into its own as it can easily and discreetly installed inside buildings. This report about the increase in museums thefts and how international expert Ton Cremers believes too little is being spent by museums on their security.

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