Monday, November 19, 2007

Solar Power Electric Fencing

Solar power is used more extensively than ever before but not many people realise that it can be used very effectively to power perimeter security systems. Situations where this is a necessity and the only real security solution include border controls in remote areas, wildlife protection in game reserves and equipment protection for industrial operations working in remote locations.

How does it work? Bascially, during the day solar panels power the equipment directly and at night the equipment is powered by battery, previously charged by sunlight. Advanced Perimeter Systems Ltd can supply both the electric fencing and the solar power system.

We had an interesting case study involving solar power a few years ago when English China Clay asked us to provide perimeter security for explosives stores in a quarry located in a remote area of Cornwall, SW England. We rose to the task and provided an effective perimeter protection which was solar powered, thus saving them a lot of time, effort and money that otherwise would have been spent in laying electric power cabling to the site. Read the full story.

To learn more about Solar Power visit Wikipedia's dedicated page.

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