Friday, August 15, 2008

Mobile Phone Masts, Cellular Phone Mast Security

Advanced Perimeter Systems Ltd has been in operation for over 25 years and in that time has provided perimeter security for many industrial, commercial and military sites around the world. However, when the company first began trading there was one application that we didn't cover - security for mobile phone masts or cell site base stations as they are known in the USA. Why? Because they simply didn't exist then!

The advent of more communications technologies in recent years has resulted in greats benefits to both business and everyday life, but as technology has advanced so, it appears, has the scope for criminal activity. Mobile phone masts have become targets for both theft and vandalism and because this technology now exists in many countries, the problem has become a global one. So much so that our distributor network is busy dealing with this new perimeter security application in places as far apart as the UK and Malaysia.

Mobile phone masts are relied upon by many people but are particularly important in emergencies, enabling relay of communications so that people in accidents and incidents receive assistance faster than ever before. In other words, they help save lives. So if a mobile phone mast is vandalised, the downtime could have very serious consequences. Mobile phone mast security is therefore an important issue and, if the measure of enquiries we receive is anything to go by, telecommunications companies are now striving hard to find the right perimeter security for their sites.

Here at Advanced Perimeter Systems we have both the technology and expertise to provide quality security for mobile phone masts perimeters.

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