Monday, November 10, 2008

Walking In Alexander's Footsteps

Making site visits is part and parcel of our perimeter security business. Our Technical Director Andy Moon makes many such visits both prior to and after installation of our security systems and because we supply clients in a wide range countries, he travels extensively overseas. When he returns he usually has a host of photographs he's taken and in amongst the ones of technical interest we usually find a batch of wonderful shots relating to the country's scenery and local culture.

The success of our perimeter security blog and the interest shown from readers all over the world prompted us to ask Andy if he would consider sharing some of these wonderful photographs via the blog - and he has agreed. So here is the first one.

A trip to Iran to check on the progress of a installation for a client offered the opportunity of travelling into the south of the country and, more specifically, to Persepolis where Andy took time out to visit the ruins of the Palace of Xerxes. According to history, it was damaged and virtually destroyed by soldiers of Alexander The Great in 330 AD. Having reach Persepolis (the capital of the Achaemenid Empire at the time), Alexander made the decision that as he was not yet established as the country's ruler he could not risk leaving treasures behind that could be recaptured by his enemies. It is believed by some people that the Palace of Xerxes was targeted for such severe damage because Alexander's soldiers had not forgotten the destruction of Athens in 480 BC so wanted to reek revenge.

Photograph of Persepolis taken by Andy Moon

Despite the severe damage, the palace ruins as they can be seen today are nevertheless magnificent and testimony to the culture and engineering prowess of the people of that time.

We will bring you more photographs and stories from Andy's visit to Persepolis later on in our serious of blog posts. So please bookmark and revisit soon!

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