Monday, December 1, 2008

Security Training & The Wallace Broadsword

As we have reported before in our blog, our provision of perimeter security systems often necessitates trips to visit clients in far flung places around the world. A good example is the story of how our Technical Director Andy Moon was able to take in the sights of the wonderful, ancient ruins of Persepolis during a business trip to Iran.

However, there are times when our clients actually pay us a visit perhaps for specialised technician training prior to a new system installation. On such occasions we welcome the opportunity to show and share with our clients some of the notable, local places in our part of the world. Being based in Stirling, Scotland, there is a wealth of history on our doorstep. The Wallace Monument is only a short distance from our offices and as our regular blog readers will know from our Security For William Wallace post we were privileged to be asked to supply the security system to protect the monument’s nighttime floodlighting against theft and vandalism. The Wallace Monument is a magnificent and unique piece of architecture and overlooks the area where the Battle of Stirling Bridge took place in 1297 – one of William Wallace’s great victories over the English. It’s no surprise therefore that, due mainly to the success of the blockbuster movie ‘Braveheart’, almost all our visitors see the monument before leaving Stirling.

Not so long ago, some clients from the USA paid us a visit. Breaking off from training sessions, they thoroughly enjoyed their visit to the Wallace Monument, especially when they came face to face with Wallace’s huge broadsword. Protected inside a special cabinet within the monument, it holds a unique place in Scottish history and never fails to leave an indelible mark in the minds of those who see it. The sword’s total length is around 66 inches with the blade approx 52 inches long. Experts have calculated that in order to wield it properly William Wallace must have been at least 6ft 6 inches tall – a giant of a man in stature as well as courage and conviction.

No matter how exotic a place one of our clients might have travelled from, if they get to see the broadsword you can bet they will leave Stirling with a very special memory. Read more about the William Wallace broadsword.