Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sitting On The Fence

One of our perimeter security systems is called Flexiguard™ which can detect intruders before they enter a property and then give the alarm receiving centre an early warning of attack. Usually mounted on fencing of some kind, it has been installed in countless industrial and commercial facilities around the world including prisons, storage depots and even national monuments such as the Pyramids of Giza.

Perhaps not surprising then that we receive enquiries from people who think we are fencing specialists! It may seem a bit of a generalisation but it’s a mistake easily made. When you look at perimeter fencing, chances are you won’t notice the technology installed within/around it, at least not at first glance. So we are used to clarifying this and generally say ‘no, we do not manufacture fencing – we sit on the fence instead!’. This is what Flexiguard™ does – it literally sits on the fence and turns it into effective perimeter security.

So whilst the phrase ‘sitting on the fence’ might for some people mean having a non-committal approach, it could not be further from the truth for us here at Advanced Perimeter Systems Ltd. Our commitment to effective security could not be stronger.