Thursday, March 26, 2009

Perimeter Security Sponsorship Helps 2012 Olympic Bid

As most people know, the next Olympic Games will be held in London in 2012. Hopefully it will be an occasion for celebration for everyone involved but particularly for the people of Great Britain and especially the British Olympic team athletes.

As a company we have already been involved in the 2012 Olympics.

First of all, we have supplied our Flexiguard for perimeter security of the control centre on the London Victoria Underground Line. Read more about this in our London Transport Perimeter Security case study.

Secondly, we have sponsored and continue to sponsor C.R. CATS - a group of young people who are members of the Scottish Kayak Performance Squad currently being training to compete at international level. Naturally, their ambition is to compete at Olympic level and it may well happen with the 2012 London Olympics. We certainly hope so as there are some outstanding young canoeists amongst them who deserve recognition of their talent and dedication.

One of them is 17 year old canoeist Alistair Moon who has already become the C2 British Junior Champion and has won several sporting awards including the CSIS Young Sportsperson Of The Year Award. Alistair regularly races against the likes of Olympic silver medalist, Campbell Walsh in the K1 class so he is clearly keeping the right kind of company to one day win Olympic Gold.

Some of the Scottish Kayak Performance Squad during a training session