Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Aircraft Engine Security & Hunting Security

Being a manufacturer of perimeter security systems means we often make site visits to our clients for discussion of new security equipment requirements and installations.

Our Technical Director Andy Moon recently paid a visit to one of our security systems clients who operates from a base near Prestwick Airport in Scotland. This particular client specialises in aircraft engine repairs and Advanced Perimeter Systems Ltd had provided perimeter security for the premises with our Flexiguard system.

All went well with the discussions and whilst there, Andy had the opportunity to watch some serious pilot training taking place at the nearby airport. He was able to watch one plane flying in a loop, landing and then taking off again, only to repeat the routine several times over. Fascinating how rigorous the training really is when viewed at close quarters.

Also whilst there he noticed an unusual monument close to the premises. On enquiring as to its history, he was told it dated back many years to when local men went hunting and the women would go along to watch – but from a high, safe and secure place. Security of a medieval kind perhaps!

Photo by Andy Moon
Note the perimeter fencing in the background!