Friday, June 19, 2009

Slalom Success With Security Backing

As we have reported before in our "Perimeter Security Sponsorship Helps 2012 Olympic Bid" post, we are delighted to be giving support to C.R. CATS - young members of the Scottish Kayak Performance Squad.

Training to be able to compete on a world platform is no easy task and the squad is keen to reach Olympic level competition within the foreseeable future. It could even be as early as the 2012 London Olympics though the team is so young that 2016 is perhaps a more realistic target. Whichever it turns out to be, things are certainly 'on the up' with a fantastic result recently for 2 of the team's members Alistair Moon and Simon Grant.

Alistair and Simon are both primarily K1 paddlers but with a mere 5 weeks training they took on the challenge of entering the C2 international selection races for the Great Britain Canoe Junior Slalom Team - essentially the creme de la creme of young racers in the sport of C2 who will represent Great Britain in international competition. Note: for anyone unfamiliar with K1 and C2 they are quite different sports and people usually specialise in one or the other. The result? Alistair and Simon were officially selected for the Junior C2 Reserve Boat. Fantastic!

Adam Marshall, Alistair and Adam's coach described the race result ...

"The guys they were against are C1 or C2 paddlers who are all on the English programmes, some fully funded ... So for Scotland to have 2 lads that just jumped in a boat 5 weeks before the race and pull a reserve place is outstanding. Just to add to that, GB's number 2 boat finished behind them ... U23 team is not out of sight for them and who knows Grant/Moon 2016......"

Our congratulations to the boys and we look forward to more exciting news in the future!

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