Saturday, September 19, 2009

Andy's Security Travelogue: A Medieval Fortress

Following on from previous posts inspired by Andy’s far flung business travels, we are delighted to share with you today some fascinating photographs he took whilst on business in Shiraz.

The Citadel of KarimKham (ارگ کريمخاني) – also known as The Arg Of Karim or KarimKhan Fortress - is a magnificent piece of Iranian 18th century architecture in the North East part of Shiraz and it makes an unforgettable impact on everyone who sees it.

It was built in the style of a medieval fortress and has 4 towers, one on each corner.

Andy was particularly struck by the intricate brick patterns on the towers as the photograph shows.

Originally built during the Zand dynasty, the Citadel is named after Karim Khan who was ruler of the country from 1760 to 1779.

Regarded by many as one of the most just and compassionate rulers in Iranian history, he used the Citadel as his home.

During its lifetime, however, the Citadel has had other uses - sometimes it was used as a prison and today it is a museum.

Interesting coincidence that our company has provided perimeter security for prisons as well as security systems for museums!

Inside the Citadel Andy took this photograph of a beautiful water feature.

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