Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Calling All Specifiers For Perimeter Security

There is increasing global concern for tighter security to protect what have become known as EKPs (Economic Key Points). The British government has identified 9 industry sectors as EKPs and these include telecommunications, energy (oil refineries, power plants) and finance – all critical to the national infrastructure. So when new EKP projects are to be constructed it is paramount that the consultants involved pay close attention to the security systems required.

They need to be:

  • Effective

  • Within the prescribed budget

  • Installed within the prescribed timescale

As manufacturers and developers of high security solutions for perimeter protection we are ideally placed to collaborate with the architects, specifiers and consultants assigned to this type of project. Our many years of experience enable us to remove all the hard work and deliver a detailed and costed solution. We have already conducted top level collaboration work for EKP projects in the United Kingdom and are keen to develop a similar dialogue within other countries.

Read more on our Perimeter Security Specifiers & Consultants page.

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