Saturday, October 10, 2009

Andy's Security Travelogue: A Paradise Garden

In our last ‘Travelogue’ post we displayed some photographs of the Citadel in Shiraz. Today we would like to go a step further and show you one of the most beautiful gardens in the Middle East – Eram Garden (Bagh-é Eram) or Garden of Paradise as it is also known.

Built during the Qajar dynasty, Eram Garden is one of the most famous and historic Persian gardens. It even has a stunning palace within it!

Owned today by Shiraz University it is a ‘must see’ for any visitor to Shiraz.

When Andy showed us these photographs we were not only surprised but intrigued and decided to look up what makes a typical “Persian Garden”.

However, it’s not that simple! As Wikipedia’s page explains, there are 6 primary styles and a variety of key elements that can be combined to make such a garden.

Elements most commonly brought together by architects are:

* effects of sunlight

* integration of special shapes and textures to harness the light

* need for shade - use of trees, walls, trellises and pavilions

*use of water and water features

To read more about these key elements go to the Wiki page on Persian Gardens.


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