Thursday, May 27, 2010

Security For Statues In A Medieval Garden

Our perimeter security products are synonomous with protecting commercial, industrial, military and residential sites - everything from bank security systems to prison security systems to military base security and palace perimeter security.

However, one of the less prominent but equally important roles for perimeter protection is that of historical sites. As readers of our Perimeter Security Blog will know, we were privileged to supply the perimeter security system for the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. Our Technical Director Andy Moon brought back some great photographs he took whilst out there - including the mounted camel police which you can see on Camel Mounted Security post!

Sometimes, however, historical sites need security on a slightly smaller scale :)

Closer to home, we were called upon by a medieval castle that had a security issue with its garden statues. Powys Castle* in Wales is an important, medieval castle and a National Trust site. It attracts many visitors every year and so the valuable statues in its gardens needed protection against damage and theft. We considered all aspects of the site and came up with a custom security solution which included the design and manufacture of special sensors that would attach to the base of the statues and then be connected to special fence analysers and an FG10 control for monitoring. Not only did the system prove effective but its clever design made no detrimental effect upon the visual appeal of the gardens. Read more on this castle security case study.

*Did you know that Powys Castle is reputedly haunted? It claims to have at least 3 ghosts! Read more about haunted Powys Castle - if you dare!

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