Monday, July 26, 2010

Construction Site & Plant Security

Theft of construction equipment and building supplies has been a problem for decades. The growth in the construction business over the last 20 years in particular has given rise to ever more items of construction plant and equipment being left on site after work has finished for the day.

In fact, the theft of construction equipment is so commonplace now that Wikipedia has even dedicated a page to it! See:

Regular ‘everyday’ machines used on construction sites, such as this backhoe loader, cost tens of thousands of Dollars/Pounds. For the larger and more complex machines such as concrete pumps and cranes, the cost is more likely to be in terms of hundreds of thousands.

Companies working in the construction industry need to know that their valuable plant and equipment is protected. After all, it's not just the cost of replacement that is the worry - entire construction projects can run over budget and time due to equipment theft.

At Advanced Perimeter Systems Ltd we have the ideal solution for construction companies with sites to protect - our Electro-Fence™ perimeter security system. Our construction related clients to date have even included the British Ministry of Defence. In their case, building works were being carried out on part of the main MOD building in Whitehall (London) and our Electro-Fence™ Flexitop was installed on top of the site's temporary fence. At the time, it provided protection not just for the plant but also the MOD building itself!

Our Electro-Fence™ perimeter security system is also ideal to provide protection against theft of stock lying outside a plant yard. Generally this stock is not as valuable BUT is an easy and common target for passing thieves. Hence the cost over a period of time can mount up significantly.

For more information just visit our construction site security page.

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