Monday, September 20, 2010

Perimeter Security Clients Engage With William Wallace

Our office HQ is in Stirling, Scotland - a city with great historical significance.

As we have mentioned before in a post about the Wallace Broadsword, the Wallace Monument is a popular place with visiting security clients who come to us for specialist training and negotiations prior to our perimeter security systems being installed on their sites.

The Wallace Monument (pictured left) towers on the Stirling skyline lit up at night by floodlights which are protected against theft by a security system we had the privilege to design.

One thing we have not reported before, however, is the sheer delight that we see on the faces of our visitors when they visit this magnificent monument for the first time. It simply takes their breath away.

Here is a photograph of visitors from the US who, having visited the monument and seen the famous Wallace Broadsword, returned back down the hill ... only to ask for their photograph taken by a modern day statue supposedly depicting William Wallace but strangely looking very much like Mel Gibson!

So it was that history, the movies and perimeter security came together in this one, intriguing photograph.

Thank you to our visitors for their consent to share this with our Perimeter Security Blog readers.

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