Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Andy's Security Travelogue - Snow-Capped Mountains & Perimeter Fencing

This is the type of photograph we love to share with our Perimeter Security Blog readers.

It is not exactly what you would expect to see in the context of perimeter security systems and intruder detection is it? Which is exactly why it is important!

Our Technical Director Andy Moon travels to many parts of the world to meet with clients using our perimeter security solutions. The sites might be industrial or commercial or even military in nature but the common denominator is always the need for effective, high security.

The city of Shiraz, says Andy, is without doubt one of the most beautiful he has ever visited - regular readers will recall the stunning Paradise Garden photographs we published a while ago.

Venturing outside the city, however, to make a site visit for a client who was installing of one of our new security systems, Andy was surprised to find an equally stunning landscape.

Standing by the site's perimeter security fencing, Andy took this photograph on the right - snow-capped mountains set against a sharp, clear blue sky. On leaving the site, Andy noticed the sun was setting and snapped the photograph at the top of this post.

It is hard for us to imagine back here at the APS Head Office in Scotland just how varied are the locations which our products protect but thanks to Andy's photographic skills, we don't have to leave very much to the imagination!

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