Sunday, November 28, 2010

Roof Security In Difficult Times

In October 2009 we wrote about the increase in metal theft around the world with church roofs being a primary target for lead theft. Sadly, a year on, things have not improved.

Churches are still hitting the headlines for roof theft but not only for their lead ... slate and copper are also growing targets.

Take a look at a just a few of many similar news headlines in 2010 ...

Church Roof Leaks As Lead Stolen

Valuable Slate Stolen From 12th Century Church

Lead Theft From South Yorkshire's Oldest Church

What's more, a wider range of buildings are now being hit by roof theft, leaving some of the most vulnerable people in our community exposed to dangers and difficulties. These include:

Schools - see Roof Lead Theft Leads To School Flood

Medical centres - see Roof Theft Closes Cancer Centre

Our company's core business is supplying perimeter security solutions for large industrial, commercial and military applications but we never lose sight of the importance of being able to offer effective security systems to smaller sites such as schools, churches, museums and listed buildings. They all need protection too.

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