Monday, January 24, 2011

Perimeter Security Sponsorship & Canoe Polo

As readers of our Perimeter Security Blog will already know, Advanced Perimeter Systems Ltd sponsors C.R. CATS - young members of the Scottish Kayak Performance Squad. These young kayakers are all working hard to reach Olympic competition standard and we may well see them in the 2012 London Olympics or the following Olympics in 2016. One thing is in no doubt - their love of the sport. Indeed, so much is their passion for kayaking that some of the team have taken up playing canoe polo.

Here are some photographs taken by Andy Moon our Technical Director at a recent canoe polo match which took place in the dramatic setting of the Falkirk Wheel.

For anyone who has not seen or heard of the Falkirk wheel before, it is an amazing piece of late 20th century British engineering which has already become something of an icon. Essentially a boat lift with a ferris wheel type design, it links the two canals that converge at Falkirk (the Forth and Clyde Canal and the Union Canal) and raises and lowers boats quickly and efficiently.

As the photographs show, it also provides a wonderful, dramatic setting for canoe polo. The player in the number 6 shirt (right in top photo with red helmet) is Alistair Moon (Andy's son) who partnered Simon Grant in 2009 at the international selection races for the Great Britain Canoe Junior Slalom Team and won the honour of being Junior C2 Reserve Boat. More details on this can be found in a previous post about the APS Perimeter Security sponsorship of C.R. CATS.

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