Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Microwave Intrusion Detection - Effective Perimeter Security

As we have mentioned before in our Perimeter Security Blog, we have our own Research and Development program and are constantly looking to improve and innovate wherever possible to further enhance our range of perimeter security systems.

Today we can share with you some great news .... the development of our microwave intrusion detection system Flexiguard™ Microwave Barriers. As specialists in outdoor perimeter protection, we know that the quality of performance of the intrusion detection element is paramount.

The principle of this particular security technology is to use microwave beams. A transmitter generates a microwave beam and what we call a protection zone is created. There is a receiver within the system and if that should detect a difference within the protection zone, then the system performs an analysis and, if required, an alarm is triggered. Triggering the alarm will depend upon whether the pre-set criteria are met - something that varies client to client.

For more details on this exciting and innovative microwave barrier technology, visit our perimeter security systems website where you can also download a pdf of relevant information.

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