Monday, April 18, 2011

Andy's Security Travelogue - On The Perimeter Of Snow

Perimeter security systems take our Technical Director Andy Moon to many corners of the world and, as our regular perimeter security blog readers will know, we sometimes share with you some of the more unusual aspects of his travels.

On a recent trip to visit our US representative and some of our perimeter security clients the weather turned out to be a somewhat different to what Andy is used to .... deep, deep snow! With our Head Office in Stirling, Scotland you might think we are used to snow and cold weather but his recent trip made us realise that we are perhaps not that badly off after all. These pictures were taken whilst travelling through Minnesota.

Freezing weather conditions can of course impact the efficiency of any type of outdoor control system - something we are well aware of. As a result, our Electro-Fence™ and Flexiguard™ controllers have been developed to operate within a temperature range of -35 to +75°C.

Indeed, temperatures can be so extreme in some parts of the world that we also supply thermo heaters for our perimeter security controllers in certain installations as explained in our perimeter security FAQ.

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