Saturday, June 25, 2011

Perimeter Security Experts Conduct Pub Tests

Perimeter security experts are known for their attention to detail. They scrutinise every aspect of a product or application, often conducting thorough testing before making a decision - a decision that can have serious implications for an industrial, commercial or military site in need of perimeter protection.

Even when they 'switch off' they take the same approach ... take for example our recent exhibition at the IFSEC trade fair. Negotiations and discussions all day long followed by a welcome trip to a British pub. Nothing special about that? Well, when you're a perimeter security expert it can be a real challenge!

Take for example ....

Our USA Distributor, Steve Kovacs, pictured above after a busy day at IFSEC, conducting a little 'British beverage testing' exercise.

Our Swedish installer Simo Jarelov who also came over to IFSEC seen here conducting some 'Irish beverage testing' with a pint of Guinness. He won't be in trouble for this as it's his wife in the background, looking on!

Advanced Perimeter Systems Ltd engineer Matthew Thomson pictured above waiting for the 'green light' to embark upon some 'field testing' of his own.

The true value of these photographs, being serious for a moment, is in the smiling faces. They reflect the genuineness of the people we are fortunate to work with and for that and their expertise we thank them. Thank you guys!

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Interest & IFSEC 2011

As an IFSEC exhibitor for over 20 years, we are understandably familiar with what happens at what is probably the world's leading exhibition on security products. Perimeter security solutions is always one of the biggest areas of interest at the fair so we know from experience to expect a good level of interest in our stand.

This year we were not wrong; indeed we were delighted to see not only increased visitor numbers but strong interest in some of our newer products such as Flexiguard™ Microwave Barriers - our microwave intrusion detection system. Ideal for using behind an outer perimeter fence as a second line of defence, it can also be used to provide detection around an open space where there is no fencing at all - the kind of situation where buried sensors were once popular. Our Flexiguard™ Microwave Barriers are, however, easier to install and less expensive so it came as no surprise to see greater interest in the product.

We were also privileged to welcome some of our clients, representatives and installers from around the world.

Above: Our USA Representative Mr Steve Kovacs at the APS IFSEC Stand

We do bear in mind of course that "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" so we treated our friends from overseas to some good, old British pub dining/drinking. A story for another day!

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