Sunday, July 10, 2011

Security On The Perimeter For Our Feathered Friends

As our regular blog readers will know, we are able to offer perimeter security solutions for a wide variety of applications and animals are no exception.

Our dedicated page on wildlife park perimeters goes into some detail as to why an effective system needs to be in place for the protection of both the park animals and their visitors.

Our Flexiguard™ and Electro-Fence™ products are both well suited for use on wildlife park perimeters and a previous blog post entitled Parrot Perimeter Security tells the story of how we helped to protect some rare parrots at the Edinburgh Zoo.

It is not only rare birds, however, that benefit from our protection. On his way into our Head Office in Stirling earlier this year, our Technical Director Andy Moon (a man who always has a keen eye for anything unusual on the perimeter!) spotted a bird’s nest. It had been built within the hedging on the perimeter of our premises and so benefited from the security and protection of our Flexiguard™ system.

When he first saw the nest, it was occupied by a blackbird hen. So Andy kept an eye on things and it wasn’t long before the eggs hatched and a small brood of blackbird chicks could be seen. Being careful to not venture near the nest until the parents were off searching for food, Andy took the opportunity to grab this wonderful photograph.

Needless to say, the chicks benefited from our perimeter security – they were undisturbed by cats and other birds and matured into beautiful, full grown blackbirds. The nest is now bare but perhaps they’ll spread the word about effective perimeter security and we’ll see more of our feathered friends next Spring!

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