Saturday, September 10, 2011

Precious Metal Theft – Improve Your Roof & Perimeter Security

Metal theft is almost an everyday item of news at the moment in the UK. Copper and lead appear to be the main targets due to their increased value as scrap metal.

We have talked before about theft of copper cable from mobile phone masts and theft of church roof lead and how our perimeter protection systems can help. Our blog post from last November about roof security gave an interesting insight into some of the cases of lead theft in 2010.

During 2011 the theft of metal from buildings has seen an unprecedented increase and it is no longer just churches that need protection. Homeowners with flat roofed areas and bay windows are increasingly becoming a target, as this North Yorkshire Police news item entitled 'Look After Your Lead' explains.

Here are a few more recent news articles on lead and copper theft in the UK:

Lead theft from a school roof
St Asaph Cathedral loses £10,000 worth of lead due in theft
Copper stolen from library roof

(Pictured: St Asaph Cathedral)

Many people involved with the security of public buildings are now having to think about ways of protecting against metal theft and we are witnessing ever increasing numbers of enquiries from this sector both directly and through our network of perimeter security installers. Sadly, church roof protection still dominates, however, as top of the list.

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