Saturday, October 15, 2011

Microwave Sensors: Intrusion Detection To Artic Ice Measuring

From communication to radar, radio astronomy, navigation and power, microwaves are becoming an increasingly important part of everyday life.

Everyone you meet is likely to know the word 'microwave' thanks to the invention of the microwave oven and, as our regular perimeter security blog readers will know, we have our own microwave intrusion detection system.

The use of microwave technology, however, seems to be expanding into new and increasingly useful applications. Take for example, climate change. According to recent scientific and news reports, Arctic Ocean sea ice is at a significant low - its second smallest extent since modern records began. This is a worrying trend because what happens in the Arctic influences global weather patterns. It is therefore crucial to our understanding of climate change that we monitor levels of Artic sea ice and it was interesting to learn recently that microwave sensors play a part in that monitoring.

Apparently, both the University of Bremen and NSIDC (the US National Snow and Ice Data Center) use microwave sensors to observe Arctic ice (although the sensors are on different satellites). Read more here

Another interesting application, and one that many people don't realise involves microwave technology, is that of car alarms. See the Wiki page on car alarms for more details.

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