Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Securing The Single Malt Against Syphoning

Wherever you are in the world, there will be iconic products or buildings synonomous with your country or local area. Our Head Office is located in Stirling in the heart of Scotland and we occasionally have the opportunity to provide perimeter security solutions for intrinsically Scottish sites. One such site that we have written about before is the William Wallace Monument for which we provided security to protect the expensive floodlighting against theft – thus ensuring the wonderful monument is visible for miles around when darkness falls.

The words William Wallace may be instantly synonomous with Scotland but there are others which are even more so - such as “single malt whisky”. You don’t get more Scottish than that!

We were delighted to be of assistance recently when were asked by a Scottish distillery to help protect their empty whisky barrels. This was not protection against theft in fact, but against damage caused by intruders breaking into the barrels to syphon off the remnants of whisky lodged in the base. Apparently, thieves have been attracted to this idea because single malt whisky is so prized and expensive and, if they can syphon off a sufficient number of empty barrels, then the remnants add up to a sizeable quantity which they can resell on the black market – or simply enjoy themselves at their leisure!

So what, you might wonder, is the problem for the distillery if it’s not a lot of whisky being stolen? Well, quite simply, the barrels are aged and of a quality that is both difficult and expensive to repair or replace.

The solution we provided was to install our Microwave Barriers – a microwave intrusion detection system using microwave technology to create a protection zone. You can see one of the elements of our system here with the whisky barrels in the background. Scottish single malt protected by Scottish perimeter security – what a combination!

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