Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Buried Security System Alternative For Perimeter Protection

Perimeter security comes in many guises. Essentially it breaks down into the need for:

1. Monitoring & Management - provided by our Multisys™ Security Management System and Multiview™ Remote Monitoring System 

2. Detection - provided by our Flexiguard™ products

3. Deterrent - provided by our Electro-Fence™ electric fencing system

Our latest product -  Flexiguard™ Microwave Barriers provides microwave intrusion detection and is particularly effective for monitoring open spaces. However, the case for microwave intrusion detection does not end there. These sensors are becoming the preferred alternative to a buried security system

Here are 3 reasons why:
1. Buried systems often incur a high installation cost
2. Consistency and quality of performance delivered by a buried security system can be adversely affected over time by the growth of nearby tree roots.
3. Ground conditions – eg. heavy snowfall or a concrete ground surface - can also interfere with the performance of a buried system.

There are numerous types of buried security system so it would be too much for us to list detailed comparisons on a system by system basis. However, here is a web page that talks about the disadvantages of pressure sensor devices which make up one type of buried security system

When a client asks us for intrusion detection equipment where a buried security system might be an option, we simply explain the modus operandi of our Flexiguard™ Microwave Barriers and its benefits and they reject the idea of a buried system. A good example of this is demonstrated in our last blog post about the single malt whisky barrels which needed perimeter security protection against siphoning. 

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