Monday, August 20, 2012

Andy's Security Travelogue: Tankard Tales

How do you connect perimeter security to the subject of beer? Well, we can suggest two ways!

1. Perimeter protection for a brewery is no less important than phone mast security or correctional facilitiy security and you can use different systems - from an electric fencing system to microwave intrusion detection equipment.

We have provided electric fencing to protect aluminium beer kegs from theft (see our security case study) and also supplied perimeter microwave detection for the protection of valuable wooden, whisky barrels. Read our blog post about security for the single malt against syphoning!

2. Andy's Security Travelogue posts to date have covered numerous countries with some fascinating photographs but on his last trip to the Far East, Andy managed to see the world's biggest beer tankard! Made by pewter manufacturer Royal Selangor.

Thankfully it wasn't in need of perimeter security so he had a nice day off!

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