Monday, September 24, 2012

Perimeter Security Inspections

Inspecting and supervising installations of our perimeter security systems is not always a straight forward task because many of our security clients have their operational sites thousands of miles from our Head Office here in Scotland. Distance, however, is not necessarily a problem as our Technical Director Andy Moon is often overseas in discussions with new clients as well as visiting existing ones and quoting for expansion of perimeter security coverage.

Here Andy is photographed during a site inspection in the Far East where a client wanted to install our Electro-Fence™ system to keep monkeys and intruders out of a gated community.

Perimeter protection of homes in gated communities is an ideal application of our Electro-Fence™ system.

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Andy's Security Travelogue: Turtle On The Perimeter

Today we continue with the theme of animals in the Far East. That may sound a little strange for a perimeter security specialist company such as we are but it's not really

Our Technical Director Andy Moon gets to travel extensively advising our security clients around the world, supervising and checking perimeter security installations. During the course of his travels he inevitably gets to experience a little of each country's culture and, as our regular perimeter security blog readers know, we have shared some of those experiences over the years - from the wonderfully historical remains of Persepolis to the Great Pyramids of Egypt with their camel-mounted police, from the carpet shops of Baghdad to the snows of Minnesota and more.

On Andy's recent travels to the Far East he took some super photos and we have already shared some of these with you last month, the Malaysian Monkeys article being very popular with our readers. So we will keep to both themes of animals and Malaysia today and share with you another of Andy's photographs from that trip - a beautiful turtle slowly progressing up the walkway back to its shelter.

Notice how it's walking on the perimeter? Clearly a creature in sync with the photographer!

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