Wednesday, October 10, 2012

On The Perimeter Of Olympic Success

London 2012 saw some of the best performances ever by a British Olympic team and athletes are already in training for the next Olympics in Rio 2016. Their work ethic and commitment is truly admirable.

Here at Advanced Perimeter Systems we are privileged to have witnessed that level of commitment first hand via the sponsorship we give to C.R. Cats whose members are part of the Scottish Kayak Performance Squad, some of whom are aiming for their first Olympic appearance in Rio in 4 years' time.

During training and competition these young people get to meet and learn from the more established athletes in their sport. A good example is that of Scotsmen Tim Baillie and David Florence who won Olympic gold and silver respectively in this summer's C2 team event and who are well known to our young C.R.Cats team here in Scotland.

Picture courtesy of The Daily Record - read the full article here

Watch Tim and David receive their medals on this BBC Sport video.

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