Thursday, November 29, 2012

On The Perimeter Of Philly - Rocky and Rock n Roll

Following our last post about Philadelphia we wanted to keep the American theme going. Andy Moon, our Technical Director here at APS Perimeter Security Systems, brought back lots of diverse and interesting photographs from his recent trip to the USA and in sharing them with you, we get to tell a different story with each one. It's the kind of writing we don't get chance to do on our main website  - after all, that is for site managers and engineers, town architects and construction project managers who are looking for perimeter security solutions and need detailed technical information and to see our range of security products, applications page and case studies.

So this is where our perimeter security blog comes in and today we get to talk about movie stars and rock stars. So if you never thought that perimeter security touched on 'Rock n Roll', think again!

After attending an important security trade fair in Philadelphia, Andy got the chance to take in a few sights around 'Philly' and we just love these 2 pictures .....

Hard Rock Cafe
The origins of the Hard Rock Cafe of course go back to London, England where the very first cafe was donated an electric guitar by a frequent visitor - Eric Clapton.

Museum of Art - Rocky Steps

These 72 steps are known as the Rocky Steps having been featured in the 1976 movie 'Rocky' starring Sylvester Stallone. At the time of making the movie and being on a tight financial budget, the movie crew scouted the city for suitable locations for different scenes and thought these steps would be ideal for what has become a 'classic' movie scene - where Rocky runs up the steps to the song of 'Gonna Fly Now'. As a result, many visitors to Philly come to this spot. To the side of the steps (out of picture) is a bronze statue depicting Rocky.

If you are interested in security systems for the United States and would like to know more about our involvement in your country, please visit our dedicated USA page.

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