Monday, December 31, 2012

A Year In the Life Of A Perimeter Security Expert

Today we would like to take a brief look back at the year and assess what's been happening in the world of perimeter security. Obviously we cannot generalise and cover all aspects of what is a complex and multi-faceted industry, so we thought we would offer a glimpse of what has occupied much of our Technical Director Andy Moon's time this past year. If you like, a taste of what it's like to be a perimeter security expert!

Security Installations & Inspections
This is a key area for Andy's expertise. Visiting clients to advise on installations, carry out inspections, conduct reviews and make new recommendations has taken up a lot of his time in 2012. Site visits have been extensive and geographically wide-ranging - the USA, Europe,  India, the Middle and Far East. Applications have been equally diverse - power plants, salvage yards, military base and correctional facility security as well as heavy industrial and manufacturing sites.

Trade Fairs
IFSEC 2012 was the key focus for us this year and was very successful. Andy met with existing and prospective new clients and was on hand every moment throughout the event to answer questions and give demonstrations.

Product Research & Development
Whenever he's been back here at our head offices in Stirling, Andy has spent countless hours heading up new research and development ideas with our R&D team. The success of our Multiview system and Microwave Barriers (our microwave intrusion detection) product in the last two years is vindication alone of the merit of in-house R&D and we are very excited about new ideas that are in the pipeline!

Yes, that's right ... photography! Not exactly what you'd expect to see in 'A Year In The Life Of A Perimeter Security Expert' but Andy never forgets when he's travelling to take photos for us so that we can share them with our readers ... and this year has been the best yet with some fabulous, interesting shots brought back from around the world. From golden statues to the world's largest beer tankard, wild monkeys to iconic architecture, we have been delighted to publish these and in a strange way, it's perhaps the photographs most of all that tell our story of 2012. The countries and cultures that our business reaches out to touch is a reflection of the scope and success that we are privileged to enjoy. For that we are grateful. Thank you 2012.

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Monkeying Around With Perimeter Security

Earlier this year our Technical Director Andy Moon visited perimeter security clients in the Far East.  As always he brought back with him a fantastic set of photographs, some of which we have already shared with our blog readers. For example, this post about Malaysian Monkeys.

Today we're going to do a little more 'monkeying around' and share with you even more, equally cute photographs, again taken in Malaysia. We hope you enjoy them.

On a more serious note, we have 2 other reasons for talking about wildlife and Malaysia today:

1. Wildlife has in fact formed a part of our perimeter security business profile over the years as we have provided perimeter protection for wildlife parks. Most of our clients are industry and manufacturing based so are not aware of just how broad our business is. You can read more about that on our dedicated page about wildlife park and zoo security.

2.  It seems that ours is not the only modern technology currently helping wildlife around the world. We came across this news article about how military technology is being used to help wildlife in remote parts of Malaysia.

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