Friday, January 25, 2013

Detection Of Success On The Perimeter

Success comes in many guises - from the financial kind through to fulfilment of ideas, aims and ambitions. On New Year's Eve we took a look back at 2012 and published an insight into 'A Year In The Life Of A Perimeter Security Expert' and highlighted the key areas of activity that had kept our Technical Director Andy Moon busy all year. From Trade Fairs to site inspections and security installations, from security product R&D to wildlife and landscape photography, it was a busy 12 months!

Today as we publish our first post in 2013, we again look back at 2012 but this time focus on where we enjoyed success with our perimeter detection systems. 

Thanks to our vigorous and ongoing Research and Development program, we have a confidence and belief in our products that few companies have the privilege to enjoy. This technical expertise combined with our extensive experience allows us to quote for a wide variety of applications in what seems to be an ever increasing variety of sites. A good example is cell phone mast security which, when we first started out in business, didn't even exist!

Export Sales
As a niche-market provider for over 30 years we have supplied security systems to industrial, military and commercial operations right around the world. In 2012 our export sales reached a new level with increased demand from a wider variety of markets than ever before. Our products are now installed and working to provide effective perimeter security on every continent. Now that's what we call success on the perimeter :)

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