Thursday, February 28, 2013

Breaching The Security In Movies

Perimeter fencing is something that plays a part in our everyday business as our Flexiguard detection system is installed on hundreds (if not thousands) of kilometres of fencing around the world.

However, it's interesting to note that even when we go home at the end of a working day, it seems perimeter fencing can find a way to remind us of its existence!Relaxing at home, you might think of putting your feet up to watch a movie. Great idea ... but have you noticed how many movies have perimeter fencing in them?

Terminator II
The second terminator to appear in the story does so by burning a hole in a perimeter fence. When  a police officer is asked to investigate an electrical disturbance, he finds the strange round hole burned into the fence but before he can conclude anything, the terminator approaches from behind.

Terminator Salvation
One of the key characters in the story, Marcus Wright, makes a daring escape by stealing bike from a soldier which he uses it to jump the perimeter fence. Using a bike to jump a fence isn't exactly a new idea in the movies though ....

The Great Escape
is probably the key movie that sticks in people's minds. Say the name 'Steve McQueen' and most people will instantly recall 'The Great Escape' in which he played a starring role, particularly when he escaped from the camp and pursuing Nazi soldiers by jumping a double perimeter fence whilst riding a motor bike! Although the actor had a great love of bikes and cars, it was in fact a stuntman by the name of Bud Etkins who actually did this famous bike jump.

Seems perimeter security can find its way into our lives in suprisingly different ways :)    

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