Thursday, March 7, 2013

Beer Connects To Security

One thing that we like to do in our perimeter security blog is to bring together unusual subjects that normally would not have a 'security' connection ... but then show that they do!

Beer - now there's a subject that you wouldn't think has any connection with perimeter security ..... but it does, at least in our eyes  :)

On a recent trip to the USA our Technical Director Andy Moon was offered a root beer by a client. Now root beer is a drink that has yet to establish popularity here in Scotland so Andy had never drunk one before. However, not wanting to disappoint the company at their kind gesture he drank it. The verdict? "What I'd call an acquired taste" said Andy with a wry smile.

In terms of alcoholic drinks, Scotland is best known of course for its world-beating whiskeys, especially the prized single malts. This is a photograph of our microwave detection system, protecting valuable Bowmore whiskey barrels in Scotland. Read the full story here  

NOTE: Amongst our security case studies is one which tells the story of how our perimeter security system solved the problems of lager producers Carlsberg-Tetley in the UK. Read it here

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