Friday, March 29, 2013

Perimeter Fence Kangaroo Mum

Question: So what has perimeter security and, in particular, perimeter fencing got to do with kangaroos? 

Answer: Plenty!
What's more, many people will now readily make the connection thanks to a recent BBC TV programme called ' Kangaroo Dundee'. It tells the delightfully touching and at times entertaining story of how an Aussie called Broiga rescues injured baby joeys and nurses them back to health to be released back into their natural habitat in the Australian bush.

It had been Broiga's lifelong dream to do this work and as part of that he knew he would have to build a kangaroo sanctuary in which to house both the baby joeys as well as the kangaroos he'd rescued which were not capable of living in the bush. The key to a successful sanctuary, Broiga knew, would be having an effective perimeter to keep out the dingoes local to his area close to Alice Springs. Otherwise his beloved kangaroos were at daily risk of devastation.

It took Broiga two and a half years of hard work and dedication to build the sanctuary. He sunk no fewer than 450 fence posts by hand into the ground to form the perimeter and dug a two and a half mile trench to sink the 4,000 metres of mesh required. Incredibly hard work, particularly in the baking heat of the Australian sun but it was worth it. Although Broiga still patrols his perimeter fence to check for and chase off any lingering dingoes, so far it has provided complete security for his beloved kangaroos.

Click here to watch a delightful video clip of Broiga being chased by Roger the alpha male in his kangaroo sanctuary. If you didn't see the programme you MUST watch this!

For our part, we have yet to supply perimeter security for kangaroos but our systems are installed in wildlife parks and zoos to protect a variety of animals - from lions to parrots!

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