Friday, April 12, 2013

Holistic Perimeter Security

The vocabulary of perimeter security encompasses many words but one that has recently come into prominence is the word ‘holistic’. It is an adjective that can apply to many things. Indeed, most people are familiar with the word when relating to health.

Q: So how can an adjective most commonly used when discussing health possibly be of relevance to security?

A: If you look up its meaning, you will find that holistic is used to emphasise the importance of the whole of a subject and how its constituent parts are interdependent.

Here is how and why we see the relevance of a holistic approach to perimeter security …

Many years of experience in providing perimeter security solutions have taught us that when a business suffers a security breach, be it for theft of its stock or vandalism to its premises, the consequences often go far beyond just the material loss itself.

After a perimeter security breach, a business usually has to apportion manpower to deal with the aftermath, having to clean up or organise repairs afterwards, liaise with the police, insurers and staff etc. So the continuity of the business is immediately and adversely affected.

Then there is the matter of whether the reputation of the business might suffer as a result. Customers, having heard about the incident, might lose faith in the business so its credibility for on-going and future business may be at risk.

The answer, therefore, is to plan and implement a perimeter security system as a whole package – ie. a holistic system – and that, in our view, is to address 8 important factors. We call it the DRAMADEC list - a nickname we conjured up making the list easy to remember.


Our Electro-Fence system combined with Flexiguard, Multisys and Multiviewsystems and integrated into a quality cctv system will cover all these aspects. The package would offer:

  • electric fencing both as a visual and physical deterrent 
  •  discrete and unobvious detection with appropriate alarm signal generation 
  •  centralised control over the electric fencing and monitoring analysers and other alarm devices 
  •  remote control monitoring of single or multiple sites using a virtual network computer system (LAN or WAN) which allows data to be encrypted plus a secure logon.
Having installed such a system, a business must also ensure that its security personnel are appropriately trained to deal with both the technical side of how the security system works as well as what protocols to follow should a security breach be detected and be genuine.

The business also needs to have protocols in place so that, should an intrusion be detected, they can readily identify what happened, when, who dealt with it and the measures they took along with studying the technical data provided by the security system and the cctv footage. By means of adopting this type of approach, perimeter security breaches or attempts to breach the perimeter can be minimized and staff and customers afforded confidence.

If you are interested in taking this holistic approach to your security needs, take a look at our integrated security systems page which explains in more detail. Equally please feel free to contact us for a no-obligation discussion.

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