Saturday, June 29, 2013

Vestiges Of War Viewed From The Perimeter

My travels to the United States have so far been incredibly worthwhile ... and in different ways.

First of all, we have enjoyed the reward of new and significant business. In fact, last year there were more of our high security non-lethal electric fence energizers installed in the US than those supplied by all of our competitors combined! Our US distributor has just been finalising a case study based on one of the contracts we were privileged to be awarded, so look out for a blog post on that soon.

The second way in which my time in the USA has been worthwhile is in the variety of people that I've met and the different cities, towns, landscapes, statues and memorials that I have seen first hand. We've published quite a few photographs on these already.

In April we published a post entitled 'Columbia Leaves Its Mark' featuring the cannon ball marks from the US Civil War. Then, more recently, last month we dedicated a post to memorials of notable political figures in US history (which you can read here). Today I'd like to keep to the subject of memorials but return to the theme of war.

War, as we all know, leaves an indelible mark and it seems common to every country that I've visited that people choose to build memorials as a lasting expression of their gratitude and sorrow. I found Columbia to be no exception.

Here is the South Carolina Confederate Monument near the South Carolina State House. Note the Confederate flag flying. I was told that some sports teams will not actually visit because of this.

Still standing outside the State House, I took this next photograph of Richardson Square. Named after
Richard Richardson, a Brigadier General in the War Of Independence who was taken prisoner by the British in 1780. Six of his descendants were Governors of South Carolina.

As a non-US citizen I always find it interesting to see such memorials. They are tangible links to history that changed many lives thereafter. Sitting on 'the perimeter' as I do whenever I travel overseas to discuss our security installations, I am grateful for the insight that such things afford.

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