Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cityscapes Viewed From The Perimeter

In our business everything with a perimeter aspect grabs our attention. Not surprising really to be fair because all of our security systems, from those that we have supplied in the past to those currently in development, are designed for the physical perimeter protection of buildings and their contents.

Our Technical Director Andy Moon is a keen photographer and whilst on his 'Security Travels' around the world he loves to take interesting and often unusual photographs as mementos of the places he's visited.

Photographs from Malaysia to Egypt to Philadelphia

Regular readers of our security blog will have seen some of his amazing photographs - from Egyptian camels to Malaysian turtles, from the Great Pyramids of Giza to the ruins of Persepolis and more. In truth, Andy usually has such a demanding business schedule with meetings, seminars and site visits that he gets a few hours at most to take in any 'tourist' sites. So when he does bring some great photos back, we get excited!

Most of his travels take him to major cities and today we'd like to share with you 2 photographs that exemplify just how different city architecture can be. The United States and Malaysia have provided our company with great business opportunities to date - and photographs! Here are cityscapes courtesy of Andy's camera from Philadelphia and Kuala Lumpur.

Downtown Philly
Kuala Lumpur
Here are a couple of previous blog posts dedicated to these two amazing cities in case you missed them first time around:

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