Thursday, July 25, 2013

Electric Fence Retrofit For Improved Prison Security

Retrofit is not a common word in the vocabulary of perimeter security but over the  years Advanced Perimeter Systems Ltd has been approached for a lot of this kind of work - eg. adding one of our security products to a pre-existing fence to upgrade and improve the security system as a whole.

Electric Fence Retrofit For Correctional Facility

One particular retrofit contract we were delighted to be involved in some 3 years ago was for a US State Department Of Corrections Prison. Although electric fence energisers and a proprietary software control system had previously been installed, the prison management was experiencing numerous problems including failure of the electric fence energisers and regular system shutdowns.

The list  criteria for the retrofit was strict. A turnkey solution was required, offering compatibility with the existing system and any software supplied was open protocol and user friendly.

How did we do this? Well, there is a full prison electric fence retrofit case study on our website that you can read but in summary, we provided bipolar energisers which:
  • integrated readily into the existing system configuration.
  • were deemed to have exceeded every area of the performance specification required.
  • were half the size of the existing units which facilitated easy installation of the field boxes 
Less than 6 months after installation of our components, the client reviewed the performance of the refurbished system and was so impressed by its reliability and the speed with which the work was done that they asked us to repeat the supply for 2 more prisons in the United States.

Our non-lethal electric fence system is not the only product we supply for prison security for we also have Flexiguard™,  our premium perimeter detection system. This is a product which integrates well into prison security systems and which we have supplied to many other correctional facilities around the world including Malaysia, Jordan and Thailand.

Read more about our involvement in correctional facility and prison security on our dedicated page.

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