Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cell Tower Security Calls For Disguise

Next time you see a palm tree, a pine tree or even a cypress tree, stop and take a second look. Is it really what you think it is at first glance?

Cypress Trees (real ones!)
Before answering the question, let's consider just how often we see a tree in everyday life. Trees are planted all kinds of locations these days - outside commercial office buildings, on the perimeter of caravan parks, cemeteries and even racecourses as well as being used to delineate farmland boundaries. So it's realistic to think that most people will see trees every day irrespective of what their daily routine might be.

Here at Advanced Perimeter Systems Ltd one of the increasingly popular requests we receive for perimeter security solutions is that of cell phone towers. We've been writing about this particular application on our blog since 2008 - at that time the problem of cell tower theft and vandalism was already beginning to be a concern. Five years on and the problem is bigger than ever so cell tower owners and operators are keen to look not only for perimeter security protection using the kind of technology that we produce here at our head offices in Scotland, but also other means of 'defending' their property.

One of these means is disguise. Yes, you may think that sounds a bit far fetched but it is indeed possible to disguise a cell tower. We are not involved ourselves in this type of work but find the idea very interesting - after all, anything that provides 'complimentary' assistance to the job of protecting cell towers is to be welcomed.

We came across a great slide show compiled by online news editor Michael Cooney earlier this year. Entitled The Devious Art Of Cell Tower Camouflage it is a series of slides showing how cell towers are disguised as trees.

Various types of tree have so far been selected as the camouflage 'design' including pine trees, palm trees and cypress trees. From what we've seen, the latter are probably the most convincing and as the need for security for cell towers increases, we expect to see more innovative ideas like this being developed and tested. So much vital communication depends upon the functioning of these masts.

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