Monday, September 30, 2013

Electric Fencing - Success Is In The Detail

Any site that requires high security needs to look closely at the options for intruder detection and deterrent. A holistic system incorporating electric fencing, detection sensors, cctv management and remote monitoring is the ideal solution but the key to the success of any such system is in the detail.

So what do we mean by 'detail'?
Well, first of all you need evidence of:
a) proven reliability of each component in the security system;
b) proven experience of the system supplier;
If you read our case studies and client quotes pages you will find re-assurance in both these areas.

However, we think it goes beyond that. Many years of research and development lie behind each individual system component so any company or organisation thinking of investing in effective perimeter security should ensure they have a clear understanding of what's on offer by asking questions. We here at Advanced Perimeter Systems are always happy to receive questions because it means that a customer is thinking seriously about the options available. Moreover, it means that with the faith we have in our security products and their proven track record, we know we have an excellent opportunity to convert that enquiry into a sale.

Here are just some of the kind of questions we get asked about Electro-Fence™ our electric fence system which currently services sites as diverse as prisons, military bases and power plants.

1. Is the electric fencing safe?
2. Is it expensive to run?
3. With electric fencing, is there a problem when it rains?
4. What type of fencing can it protect?
5. Can it be installed on top of a wall instead of a fence?
6. Can it be operated in extreme temperatures?
These are just a few of the FAQ we receive and you'll find the answers on our perimeter security faq page.

Questions can also be answered by accessing technical data so we also offer a variety of free pdf downloads to help you.

NOTE: If you would like to read more about how Electro-Fence is helping British Nuclear Fuels and other power stations just click here.

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