Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fence Detection: Answering Crucial Questions

In our last post we touched on our electric fencing success and explained how an eye for detail is an important part in being able to provide the right security solution for a customer. With our many years of experience in supplying perimeter security systems worldwide a customer can have confidence that we will not only ask the right questions before we assess what they require but we will also be able to answer any questions they put to us.

Having talked about electric fencing in this regard, today we consider Flexiguard™ our principal perimeter detection product.

For many years now Flexiguard™ has protected sites around the world - as diverse as the Great Pyramids of Giza to the Portuguese Mint. Essentially it is just a sensor cable which detects movement and sends an alarm signal. That may sound simple but when you look at the variety of ways in which this product can be utilised, you begin to realise the true power that lies behind its simple principle. The system can be used on virtually any type of site whether simple or complex.

Here are some of the questions we are asked about Flexiguard™ and how we answer them .....

Q: Can Flexiguard™ be attached to an existing perimeter fence?
A:Yes, a retrofit installation is no problem although many of our customers install the system simultaneously with a new fence installation.

Q: Is Flexiguard™ restricted to just one type of fence?
A: No,  the fence might be metal, chainlink, palisade or weldmesh. There are different types of fencing used by outdoor sites. View our main Flexiguard™ brochure

Q: What if there are gates in the perimeter fence?
A: This is no problem as  can be affixed to the gates using gate loops.

Q: What if we need to protect a building such as a warehouse, not a fence?
A: Again, no problem. Our Flexiguard Warehouse System is the product of choice here which can protect building perimeters as well as internal cages. Companies such as Coca-Cola and Securicor have successfully used our dedicated product as part of their warehouse security system.

Q: What if it's a high security site such as a military base or prison?
A: Our Flexiguard™ system has achieved impressive results whilst being tested extensively and rigorously by Military and Government testing agencies. Along with our Electro-Fence™ product, it is in the British Government Catalogue of Security Equipment, approved for EKP sites.

Q: What if the site is a hazardous area?
A: Our Flexiguard™ Explosives Store System is the solution. When the British Government passed legislation some years ago to ensure that explosives stores were afforded with adequate intruder detection and alarm systems, we decided to develop our own specialized product. Security for hazardous industries has to be dealt with in its own right. The storage facility might be for anything from explosives to paint or fireworks.

The above 6 questions are amongst the most important to address for any company or organisation in search of a perimeter detection solution and here at Advanced Perimeter Systems Ltd we believe our answers afford our customers the confidence they need to know their security is in the right hands.

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