Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sensor Technology – From Nature To Microwave Security

The word sensor is possibly one of the most important in the entire vocabulary of the security industry. Putting it simply, to keep something safe you need to be able to detect movement in that area and sensors play a vital role in monitoring and detecting movement. However, before we go into the detail of our particular type of sensor technology as used in a holistic perimeter security system, let us take a look at where the idea of using sensors actually comes from - nature.

As this Wikipedia section on sensors in nature explains, every living organism on the planet has sensors - biological sensors. It seems nature has created a range of specialized cells that help living things sense the world (and its dangers) around them. These cells have a myriad of capabilities ranging from the ability to sense vibration and magnetic fields to moisture and temperature. There are special cells that can even detect toxins and nutrients in the environment. Within our own human biology, we have cells that can sense levels of oxygen and glucose. So when you read about the latest sensor technology, no matter how clever it might seem, bear in mind that it's probably a replication of a system that nature developed first.

Returning then to our world of sensors, the most recent development in our product range has been that of microwave sensors which we produced to assist with intrusion detection.

Essentially, microwave beams are generated to create a zone of protection and should a difference within that zone be detected then analysis (certain pre-set criteria are checked) followed by the triggering of an alarm result. The system comes with a wide range of adjustment features and, very importantly, is not affected by bad weather. A good example of our Flexiguard™ Microwave Barriers working effectively in this context is on the perimeter of a storage facility of a famous whisky company in Scotland - where there can readily be fog, heavy rain or snow! If you missed it, click here to read our post telling the story of how this installation came about.

If that hooks your interest you can learn more about the technical side of these microwave detection sensors, the features offered, frequency spec, power supply requirements, etc. Download here.

Distilleries and breweries also use other products in our range such as our electric fencing and fence detection technology. Click here to read about perimeter security for this particular industry.

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