Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Flying On The Perimeter Of Stirling

As our regular perimeter security blog readers all know, our Head Office is based in the historic Scottish city of Stirling. There are many things that attract visitors to Stirling all year round and when clients visit us for discussions and security system training, they usually ask to see some of the most notable sites. These include:

William Wallace connections - from the site of the Battle Of Stirling Bridge to the Wallace Monument whose floodlights are protected by our specialist detection equipment.

Click here to read about the time we took security clients to see the Wallace Monument (photo left) and the Wallace Broadsword.

Stirling Castle - one of Scotland's largest and most important castles.

In addition to the city's history, the local landscape holds an attraction for many visitors. The River Forth lends great character to the area with its many twists and turns as flows through the city.

The twists and turns of the Forth are shown in this video clip taken on a recent flight with our Technical Director Andy Moon at the flight controls as he flew over Stirling. The camera is facing south and the plane is moving from west to east. At around 1 minute 16 seconds into the clip our offices actually come into view!

The only things missing from the video are the Wallace Monument and Stirling Castle - perhaps next time Andy flies over the city he can set the camera to point in the opposite direction!

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