Thursday, February 13, 2014

Flying Perimeter Security Expert

Perimeter security experts are usually knowledgeable and talented people. That much cannot be denied. After all, they have to be in order to provide perimeter security solutions that are reliable and effective.

Our own Technical Director Andy Moon is one such person. What's more, he's no slouch when it comes to taking on a new skill as this video shows. Filmed from the back of a small plane, Andy is seen at the controls after take-off from Cumbernauld Airport to fly over Stirling and Dunblane.

So where are the perimeter security connections in such a video? First of all, airport security is something Andy knows a lot about. He has been involved in providing security systems for airport perimeters for a number of years. Here is a good example - the Hyderabad Airport perimeter security project for which our company was a key provider of security know-how and technology in 2008. The airport needed a system to protect its perimeter of over 17 kilometres (over 10 miles) against a number of threats from vandalism to theft and terrorism.

Secondly, at around 27 seconds into the video clip you will see smoke in the distance. This is the Norbord factory at Cowie. An international forest products company with its HQ in Canada, what you can see in the video is one of their two MDF lines (the other is in Deposit, New York). Manufacturing and processing facilities need good perimeter security and, again, Andy is extremely familiar with this type of requirement having been involved in providing security for manufacturers of different kinds. A good example is Toyota's main car production line in Europe at Burnaston where our perimeter detection technology is installed to protect more than 35 zones at the factory.

Away from the subject of security for a moment and back to the video, can you spot the Bannockburn Monument?  To be honest it's not easy to spot so if you can't see it, don't worry. The important thing is to realise the significant history in view in this video clip. The modern monument was built just above the site where the two sides are understood to have camped on the eve of the Battle Of Bannockburn. Speaking of historic sites and monuments, that appropriately brings us back to perimeter security once more. In case you missed it, click here to read the story of how we provided special floodlighting protection for the Wallace Monument.