Thursday, March 20, 2014

Perimeter Security People With A Passion For Stirling

As a leading supplier of perimeter security products we take pride in the quality of what we do. Our security systems are installed around the world and over 30 years of experience in the industry affords us an unrivalled expertise. The reason for that is because our business is our passion. However, our enthusiasm for things doesn't stop there.

First of all, we recently featured a video clip of our Technical Director Andy Moon on a rare day off. What was he doing? Playing a relaxing game of golf perhaps? No, that's not his style. He was out flying a light aircraft over Stirling, in fact directly over our offices. Impressive!

Then, when our Office Administrator Elaine Rogerson saw the video, what did she do? Pass the odd comment perhaps? No, that's not her style. She immediately set about identifying a whole range of interesting sites captured in the video. Such is her passion for the history of Stirling and its surrounding area that she gave us a list of places as follows:

Ochil Hills
Bridge of Allan
Road to Loch Lomond
Abbey Craig (Wallace Monument)
Stirling Castle (built on extinct volcano)
Stirling old and new bridge

Elaine even identified a prison, a business park and a whisky distillery!

The place of greatest historical interest perhaps that Elaine pointed out was towards the very end of the clip - a place called Sheriffmuir. It is where the Battle Of Sheriffmuir took place in 1715 as part of the famous Jacobite rebellion. The battlefield itself ranks on the list of the most important historic battlefields in Scotland. Follow the Wikipedia link to read more about the battle and its consequences for English/Scottish history.

Sheriffmuir comes briefly into view

Elaine's passion for local history actually seems to know no bounds because when she saw another video clip taken the same flight (in the opposite direction towards Denny following the M80), she took a screen grab, printed it out and made hand-written notes so that we could all get an idea of what she could see. Take a look for yourself

The only thing we could readily spot was the river! So there you have it ... we have 2 experts when it comes to the perimeter of Stirling. Andy as a pilot and Elaine as a local historian. Thank you to them both for sharing their 'off duty' enthusiasm with us.

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Electric Fence Security: The Tesla Connection

Writing this perimeter security blog is a great exercise for us here at Advanced Perimeter Systems. Not only do we get to share some of the more interesting and fun aspects of the world of perimeter security but it sometimes makes us think more deeply about what we do, why and its evolution.

Electric Fence Security
Take the subject of electric fence security for example. Our Electro-Fence has been a favoured fence security and protection product for many years. Installed at many sites in many countries, it has proven itself time and again as a great intruder deterrent. From prison security to the protection of nuclear power plants and more.

We recently wrote about nuclear power plant security (click here to read the full article) and just yesterday we realized that we did not mention one of the projects we had been involved in. That was the Springfields nuclear fuel production site in Lancashire, England. So why mention that today? Well, the reason is not so much in how we provided perimeter security for the site but the amazing connections that sprang to mind ... a bit like pieces of a jigsaw coming together to make an interesting picture!

Here are those connections:
  • Springfields was the first nuclear plant in the world to ever produce fuel for a commercial power station producing electricity for a national grid.
  • Springfields is managed by Westinghouse Electric UK Ltd
  • Westinghouse Electric takes its name from George Westinghouse. He laid claim to another 'world first' - the development of the alternating electrical current system. In collaboration with the genius Nikola Tesla he changed the world for ever and his electrical company grew to become one of the biggest of its kind in history with many subsidiary electrical companies being founded in other countries as a result.
  • The product we supplied to protect the perimeter fence at the Springfields site is an electric fence system.
We would like to think that Westinghouse and Tesla would both be delighted and possibly even amused at the thought that in the nuclear age, electricity serves not only to power our world but also to protect it. :)

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