Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Perimeter Security Is Key For Smooth Manufacturing Operations

Wherever you live chances are you have factory of some kind not too far away. We were reminded of this recently when our Technical Director Andy flew over our premises and skirted the perimeter of Stirling. Amongst the many landmarks that Elaine our Office Administrator spotted when she saw the video clip was a local factory at Cowie. Below is a screen grab from the video on our perimeter security YouTube channel. Look closely just below the horizon and you will see a puff of smoke - that's the factory where MDF (medium density fibreboard) is produced.

In Britain, we have seen first hand how the manufacturing sector has grown in the years since we were first established in 1982. This growth continues unabated as evidenced in a recent BBC article entitled UK manufacturing growth remains strong. Increased demand for British manufactured goods from countries such as the United States, Russia and China are believed to be a strong factor.

Manufacturers of course are involved in a vast array of different products. Here are just a few of the kind of production lines you might see at any British factory today:

Drinks & Beverages
Medical equipment
Musical instruments
Sports equipment
Wood Products

All of the manufacturing facilities for these items of course need effective perimeter security - to protect the supplies being brought in to produce the goods and also to protect the goods themselves. Sometimes even the factory machinery itself is targeted for theft.

Let's take a closer look at just 2 from the above list - Automotive and Drinks & Beverages.

Automotive Manufacturing Security

In Burnaston, England is the main manufacturing facility in Europe for the car giant Toyota. We were privileged to be asked to supply a large security system to protect the 35 zone factory perimeter of the factory. This we did using our Flexiguard ™ system with a customized configuration especially for the project. With around 4,000 employees on site at any given time, you can imagine the perimeter is substantial.

Drinks & Beverages Manufacturing Security

In Scotland, one of the leading soft drinks manufacturers is Dunns. They approached us for improved security after they had suffered theft and vandalism despite having had another security company's system installed. The previous system had been prone to breakdown and the factory needed something much more reliable. So we made some repairs using our own components and then extended the site's security using our Electro-Fence system, thereby covering the whole perimeter of the factory.

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