Friday, May 16, 2014

Preserving Precious Water

When our Technical Director flew around the perimeter of Stirling a few months ago he had no idea of the consequent number of ideas it would give us for posting on our blog. This is no less than the 5th article his piloting has inspired!

The truth is that in Stirling and its surrounding area there are many varied features in the landscape - from icons of Scottish history such as the Wallace Monument, Stirling Castle and the battlefield at Stirling Bridge to more utilitarian features such as factories, prisons and even a motorway. Another important feature of the landscape is water and in this video clip filmed on Andy's flight water is much in evidence including the Forth and Clyde Canal. The screen grab below shows the Denny Reservoir coming into view.

Water is without doubt one of the most important commodities in life yet so many people take it for granted. The statistics for access to water in terms of global population are sobering and will be a shock to many people. Close to 1 billion people on this planet do not have access to clean and safe water and around 50% of all hospital beds in the world are occupied by people with a water-related illness. To read more about the current global water shortage click here.

Most people in Britain, just as with all developed countries, take it for granted that they should have access to clean and safe water.  One of the factors which is a great contributor to that safety is the security aspect of water utilities. Service reservoirs and water pumping stations can be targets for theft and damage so it is vital that they have good, reliable protection. Our Electro-Fence ™ system is ideal for this kind of application and has proven itself to be a product of choice for many water utilities in Britain. It has been successfully installed to protect water operations at many sites in recent years including facilities for Thames Water in London, Yorkshire Water in the north of England and Scottish Water. Read more about this type of use for our security products.

For us we cannot pass by a reservoir without thinking of the importance of keeping water safe and how truly lucky we are to have clean water readily available - literally on tap.

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Friday, May 2, 2014

Oil Refinery Security From Scotland To Hawaii

Dealing every day, as we do, in perimeter intrusion detection and protection systems, allows us the opportunity of liaising with a very diverse range of customers and security needs. There is also another type of diversity that we encounter, that of geographical location.

We can find ourselves supplying a security solution to two clients within the same industry but in locations thousands of miles apart. This one factor in itself supports the fact that perimeter security is now well established as a global concern.

One of the biggest industries in the world that needs effective protection is the petroleum industry. As we all know, the world's need for oil and dependency upon it is significant to say the least, hence why oil refineries come into the category of what the British Government calls EKP sites. (Economic Key Points).

Oil refinery sites and the ancillary installations associated with them are incredibly important to protect. However, when we receive an enquiry from an oil company for perimeter security protection, the eventual destination for the installation of our products could be just about anywhere in the world. Our deterrent and detection systems have been installed at oil refinery and oil production sites as far apart as Scotland to Hawaii. That's a distance of some 6,926 miles!

Oil refinery security case example 1 - Scotland

In Scotland, the BP Forties UK oil pipeline has a series of pumping stations that bring oil in from the North Sea to the refinery at Grangemouth and they required remote monitoring from a central control. They contacted us with details of their requirements and we were awarded the contract to supply our electric fencing system alongside a specialized management system with PC based control.

Oil refinery security case example 2 - Hawaii

If you talk to most people about oil production you would probably find them surprised at the idea of Hawaii entering the context for discussion. Multinational energy corporation Chevron has oil production and refining facilities in Hawaii and we were approached for an effective detection system to be installed to protect 5 sites on the island.

As a side issue, one of the interesting points about the Hawaii contract was that the enquiry came from a word of mouth recommendation .... from a previous oil refinery client :)