Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Aerobatics Over Stirling By The Red Arrows

Our range of perimeter security clients covers many spheres of activity from industry to commerce, public sector services to the leisure industry and more. One of the more unusual sectors we have been involved with for a number of years now is the military where we have been privileged to service  security contracts for the British Government's Ministry of Defence including Royal Air Force bases both in the UK and overseas. (Click here to read more about our work in that field).

So it was with great excitement that we followed the visit by the RAF Red Arrows to Stirling recently. Their aerobatic display was the highlight of the entertainment and displays staged on Britain’s National Armed Forces Day. There were many events around Britain and at British military posts overseas that day, but the main event was hosted at Stirling Castle. Hence the Red Arrows’ visit. Other attendees included hundreds of serving military personnel, cadets and veterans along with HRH the Princess Royal and the British Prime Minister.

Quoting from the official website the Red Arrows are ‘the public face of the RAF ….. they assist in recruiting to the Armed Forces, act as ambassadors for the United Kingdom and promote the best of British.’

That last part ‘the best of British’ rang a chord with our team; it is a phrase we love to hear and one that we strive to portray in the quality of our perimeter security systems and the technical support and expertise within our company.

Most of us knew a little about the Red Arrows before their visit to Stirling but since that day we have wanted to know more. So we did a little reading and their story is truly inspiring.

The overriding  impression you gain is the amazing level of skill and dedication not only of a group of incredible pilots but the support team (known as the Blues) that works tirelessly in the background. No less than 120 people make up the Red Arrows aerobatic team. This year is historic for them – their 50th display season and we would like to congratulate them on that achievement.

Their display over Stirling was particularly dramatic because it was what they call ‘a bad weather day’ so they had to conduct a low level display or what’s sometimes called a ‘rolling display’. Low level flying is something our Technical Director Andy Moon is familiar with having spent a day piloting over the city himself a few months ago. Andy’s speed and movement, however, was on a slightly less ambitious level!

There are some amazing photos of their aerial displays on the Red Arrows Facebook page and of course you can get all the latest news on their display season too. Whilst on Facebook you might also like to check out the APS Perimeter Security page here

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