Monday, July 28, 2014

Stirling Revealed in 2014

The historic city of Stirling in Scotland has certainly been getting some attention lately. In our last perimeter security blog post we talked about the visit to the city in June by the world-famous Red Arrows, the Royal Air Force aerobatics team. Their awe-inspiring display, as part of the biggest and most important ceremony in the whole of Britain's celebrations that day, will live in the memories of Stirling people for many years to come. British network tv featured Stirling quite heavily that day.

This tv exposure for the city was not short-lived, for within a matter of days Stirling was on tv again. Our Technical Director Andy Moon came into the office one morning asking if we had all seen Stirling featured on Scottish TV documentary the night before. We hadn't and were all rather frustrated to have missed out. Andy told us how Stirling's unique history had been covered with special features on Stirling Castle, the Wallace Monument (where our security technology has been installed) and Bannockburn (which had its 700th anniversary in June this year). These 3 places alone are unique in Scottish history so our frustration was compounded. However, it was not for long :)

Here at Advanced Perimeter Systems part of our work ethic is to find a way of achieving what others might give up on. When it comes to perimeter security technology this can be a complex and demanding task, so finding a tv programme .... well, how hard could that be? We had a quick look on the web and found it - Episode 1 in a series called "Scotland Revealed".

Here is the Episode 1 and Stirling is featured about 3/4 of the way into the programme. So if you want to jump to that part, just move the scroll bar along to around the 40 minutes mark. However, if you can find the time, the whole programme is really worth watching. Enjoy :)

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